CISM - Critical Incident Stress Management

We are firm advocates of a resiliency based approach addressing individual and organizational preparedness including pre-event planning, response and follow up.

All instructors are qualified through International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc., ICISF and certified through Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists, ATSS.

Two Day Customizable Programs:

  • Group [Basic] Crisis Intervention Training
    This course presents the core elements of a comprehensive, integrative, systematic and multi-component crisis interventions preparing participants to understand a wide range of services such as demobilizations, defusings and the Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD).
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  • Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support Training
    This course is designed for anyone who desires to increase their knowledge of individual (one-on-one) crisis intervention techniques. It is NOT psychotherapy; rather a specialized acute emergency mental health intervention which requires specialized training.
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  • Advanced Group Crisis Intervention Training
    This course builds on the knowledge base which was obtained through the Group Crisis Intervention course and/or in publications teaching and will provide proven strategies to intervene with those suffering the ill effects of their exposure to trauma, emphasizing advanced defusings and debriefings in complex situations- ICISF’s “Group Crisis Intervention” should be viewed as a prerequisite.
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  • Pastoral Crisis Intervention
    Pastoral Crisis Intervention integrates pastoral interventions with traditional community and organizational psychological support resources for chaplains, pastoral counsellors, mental health professionals and ministers.
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  • Comprehensive Crisis Preparation and Response for the Workplace
    This course prepares the workplace to respond to potential traumatic incidents knowing that, daily, thousands of people are exposed to varied and most often unexpected traumatic events, having significant impact and a number of challenges for a company and its employees as well as impacting the productivity and psychological health of employees.
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  • Grief Following Trauma
    This course, as it is inevitable that professionals will encounter traumatic death and loss issues both personally and professionally, will cover key grief and loss concepts relating to trauma and traumatic death preparing professionals for effective care throughout the grief process.
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  • Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement
    The LE Perspectives, different from the first responder culture, is intended for individuals and organizations that interact within the law enforcement community providing practical “back pocket skills” in crisis intervention services to the “Blue Wall of Silence” in the law enforcement community, gaining an understanding of the different types of stress.
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Client Testimonial
"John was instrumental in the therapeutic and spiritual healing of myself and my family and assisted us with the ability to move forward in life again. He is a motivated caring man of numerous talents and considerable self discipline. He is fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic and most importantly trustworthy, a crucial asset when dealing with the sick, the wounded or the injured. His wording was always sensitive; his analysis was always kind, insightful, logical, comprehensive, and important in leadership that is required in the darkest of times." - M.M.


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