Leadership Development

Leadership is influence = who one is & what one represents

True leadership is resilient, providing strength, motivation, and direction; it is a catalyst that enables others to exceed their own expectations.

Using a developmental learning approach with assessment tools, we enable individuals to develop into genuine, contributing leaders.

Our values-based approach, ACES, develops leaders that display:

AUTHENTICITY: show true character, be transparent, humble, focused, teachable, mentor and be credible

COMMITMENT: to organizational vision, values, beliefs & growth, service to others, community & family, being trustworthy, responsible and accountable

ENTHUSIASM: display passion & vision, be inspiring, raise the bar, be fun, be contagious and a team player

SERVICE: embrace servanthood, be disciplined, available, accessible, proactive and provide encouragement

True leadership flows from inner strengths into ethics & principles that encourage people and the highest
standards that are defined & visible.

Our approach is based on values, reinforces resiliency, strength and permanence which creates leadership that matters. It’s what’s inside that counts!

Two Day Program:

The Resilient Leadership through Resiliency Science Institutes http://www.umbc.edu/trainctr/rsi deals with aspects of incorporating resiliency into dealing with every day operations but also crises and disasters.

This course is for the mangers and leaders of teams, groups and organizations, and those who work with the organizations to ensure resiliency is part of the organizational culture. Part of the course also talks about “psychological body-armor” or personal resiliency.

Day One: Resilient Leadership: Strength and Honor: - the two “covenants” of resilient leadership as well as the four essential personal characteristics of resilient leaders.

  • Understand adversity as opportunity
  • Be able to avoid the "7 deadly sins" of crisis leadership.
  • Understand the two foundational "covenants" of resilient crisis leadership.
  • Understand how to create the four core pillars of resilient crisis leadership.
  • Understand how to apply at least three prescriptive (Rx) behaviors to enhance each of the core characteristics of resilient leadership.
  • Understand when and why people are most receptive to communications from leaders.
  • Be able to utilize the Resilient Moment Communications model with individuals.
  • Be able to utilize the Resilient Moment Communications model with a group.
  • Understand how leadership can be used to create a "culture of resilience."
  • Know how to evaluate and improve leadership using the "resilient leadership scorecard."

Day Two: Psychological Body Amour: Secrets for Developing Personal and Professional Resilience is designed to be the final word in managing stress and adversity. It goes beyond the notion of reactive stress management and employs the latest research on human resilience. The perspective and principles used are designed to not only help participants “bounce back” from adversity, but to develop a greater degree of protective “immunity” in the face of adversity. Furthermore, recommendations are made as how to help others effectively adapt to, or rebound from, adversity.

Therefore, elite law enforcement and military personnel (including former US Navy SEALs) were surveyed and interviewed in order to uncover the “secrets” behind the numbers... the secrets of how to manage stress and develop resiliency.

This course is based upon social learning research and even more unique research that sought to identify the factors that seemed to convey protective resilience and foster rebound from adversity.

  • Know how to utilize 4 core factors that can build Psychological Body Armor (PBA)
  • Develop a personal “resiliency profile
  • Learn how success leads to resiliency
  • Learn 3 techniques to enhance optimistic thinking and the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Learn techniques for developing interpersonal support to enhance resiliency
  • Learn how to manage biological factors that can enhance resiliency.
  • Understand how resiliency can be used as a competitive advantage

When it comes to leadership,
What’s inside leaks out in hot water!
Thus the ‘Tea Bag Principle’

Client Testimonial
"John has guided our development and offered sound advice as we went through the application process for new members, constructed questions and assessment matrices… He, quite simply, has a gift for teaching. He displays a knack for identifying quickly with people and building a rapport based on mutual respect, credibility and professionalism. His teaching style reflects a calm, professional, patient, humorous and knowledgeable individual…”
- Sgt. Dodd Tapp, NHO, Ottawa Police Service

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